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2 BOMBO ROAD-Matuga 1 Acre touching main Road Shs 40M
3 BUGERERE 650 Acres, Freehold, Squatter free Shs 1.5M/Acre
4 BUGERERE ROAD-1.5 kms off main Road 50ftx100ft Shs 11M
5 BUGERERE ROAD-1/2 Km from the main Road (Mpoma Satellite) 1.5 Acres Shs 52M altogether
6 BUGERERE ROAD-Kasawo 80 Acres Shs 7M/Acre
7 BUGERERE ROAD-Nama 2 Acres sold together Shs 55M
8 BUGERERE ROAD-Nama-3-5kms off main road 2 Acres Shs 17M/Acre
9 BUGERERE ROAD-Nama-Kisowera 4 plots of 50ftx100ft Shs 7M/Plot
10 BUGERERE ROAD-Near Greenville High School HOUSE 4 SALE on 50ftx100ft=3 bedrooms, green iron sheets Shs 35M
11 BUGERERE ROAD-Takajjunge (about 4 kms from Mukono Town) 75 Decimals with 3 double roomed houses, power Shs 40M
12 BUGERERE ROAD-Takajjunge (about 4 kms from Mukono Town) 50ftx100ft Shs 8M
13 BUIKWE 650 Acres( Square mile and 8 Acres) Shs 2.5M/Acre
14 BUIKWE 250 Acres, with a farm Shs 3.5M/Acre
15 BUIKWE DISTRICT 20 Acres at Dangala-Najembe, 2 kms from Najembe Shs 6M/Acre
16 BUIKWE DISTRICT 3.5 Acres at Dangala-Najembe, 2 kms from Najembe Shs 8M/Acre
17 BUIKWE DISTRICT 100 Acres, Buyenje-Kawuku, Matale Road, 3kms from Lugazi Town Shs 10M/Acre
18 BUIKWE DISTRICT, 5 kms off Jinja High Way after Mabira 45 Acres with PINE of 12 years of age (as of 2014) for lease Shs 1.5bn altogether
19 BUIKWE DISTRICT-2kms from Lugazi Town 10 Acres Shs 5M/Acre
20 BUIKWE DISTRICT-8kms from Lugazi Town 10 Acres Shs 5M/Acre
21 BUIKWE DISTRICT-Buwoora after Najembe-Near Mabira 5 Acres Shs 4M/Acre
22 BUIKWE District-Nakusubyaki-7km from Lugazi 10 Acres Shs 7M/Acre
23 BUIKWE District-Nakusubyaki-7km from Lugazi 3 Acres Shs 7.5M/Acre
24 BUIKWE ROAD-6km from Lugazi Town-2km off Buikwe Road 4 Acres Shs 4M/Acre
25 BUIKWE-21 Kms from Lugazi 200 Acres Shs 2.5M/Acre
26 BUIKWE-3 kms from Lugazi 180 Acres (90 Acres + 90 Acres) Shs 2.5M/Acre
27 BUIKWE-3 kms from Lugazi 100 Acres Shs 10M/Acre
28 BUIKWE-8kms from Lugazi Town 35 Acres Shs 5M/Acre
29 BUIKWE-Bulyatete-3km off main Jinja Rd 50 Acre suitable for farming Shs 8M/Acre
30 BUIKWE-Butale-49 km from Mukono twn 85 Acres, forest, open land,swamp Shs 2.5M/Acre
31 BUIKWE-kipayo off Naluwala-Near Ntenjeru 15 Acres Shs 4M/Acre
32 BUIKWE-Kitega-Near Main Jinja Highway 2 Acres Shs 45M/Acre
33 BUIKWE-Lugazi 50 Square Miles USD500.000/
34 BUIKWE-Matale-13 kms from Lugazi town 72 Acres Shs 3M/Acre
35 BUIKWE-Najja-3 miles from Buikwe Town 15 Acres Plus, good for cultivation Shs 3M/Acre
36 BUIKWE-Najja-Najja village 200 Acres Shs 5M/Acre
37 BUIKWE-Najja-Road to Kiyindi 40 Acres, 30 Acres, squatter free, suitable for cultivation, 2kms from Najja Town Shs 3M/Acre
38 BUIKWE-Namukuma between Nkokonjeru & Ssi 250 Acres Shs 3.5M/Acre
39 BUIKWE-Nangunga 160 Acres Shs 4M/Acre
40 BUIKWE-Nangunga 270 Acres Shs 4M/Acre
41 BUIKWE-Ngongwe 250 Acres Shs 2.5M/Acre
42 BUIKWE-Nkokonjeru 150 Acres Shs 5M/Acre
43 BUIKWE-Nkokonjeru-before Bukunja Ssi 600 Acres Shs 4M/Acre
44 BUIKWE-Nkonkonjeru 20 Acres near the town Shs 4M/Acre
45 BUIKWE-Nkonkonjeru-Ssi (30 miles from MUKONO town) 180 Acres (suitable for farming) Shs1.5M/Acre
46 BUIKWE-Nyenga 50 Acres Shs 4M/Acre
47 BUIKWE-Nyenga sub county 450 Acres (350 acres squatter free) Shs 5M/Acre
48 BUIKWE-Ssi-Lyazi 60 Acres Squatter Free Shs 4M/Acre
49 BUIKWE-Ssi-Lyazi 250 Acres Squatter Free, with a landing site, 5kms from the planned Southern by-pass Shs 3M/Acre
50 BUIKWE-Ssi-Lyazi 128 Acres Shs 4M/Acre
51 BUIKWE-Voo 280 Acres Shs 4M/Acre
52 BUIKWE-within 5 km from main Rd 100 Acres Shs 5M/Acre negotiable
53 BUKERERE ROAD-Joggo 28ftx128ft touching Bukerere Road, 3km from Seeta Town Shs 35M
54 BUKERERE ROAD-Misindye 100ftx100ft, less than 1/2 km from Bukerere Road/Misindye Town Shs 40M
55 BUKERERE ROAD-Nakagere town 1 Acre Shs 60M
56 BUKERERE ROAD-Nakagere-near Nakagere town 4 Acres Shs 40M/Acre
57 BUKERERE ROAD-Namwezi 28 plots of 50ftx100ft Shs 12M/plot
58 BUKERERE ROAD-Namyoya 50ftx100ft Shs 20M
59 BUKERERE-Nakagere 2 Acres-1.5km from Nakagere Shs 45M/Acre
60 BUKERERE-Namasiga-3km from Bukerere Town 2 Acres Shs 40M/Acre
61 BUKERERE-Namasiga-3km from Bukerere Town 8.5 Acres Shs 30M/Acre
62 BUKWE-Matale-2 miles from Buikwe Town 15 Acres Plus, good for cultivation Shs 3M/Acre
63 BWEYOGERERE Petro Station For Renting=3 pumps Shs 3.5M/Month
64 BWEYOGERERE WARE HOUSE=900 Square Metres USD6/Sq.M/month
65 BWEYOGERERE-Bbuto HOUSE(Karina)= 6 bedrms, boys qrters -2 bedrooms & sitting room, self contained, wall fenced=30 decimals Shs 650M
66 BWEYOGERERE-Kirinya HOUSE 4 Renting=2 B'Rms, Self Contained & Fenced Shs 500,000/Month
67 BWEYOGERERE-Kirinya HOUSE=Storeyed, 5 bedrooms, Fenced Shs 500M
68 BWEYOGERERE-Kirinya 6 Acres of FARM LAND Shs 300M/Acre
69 ENTEBBE 1 Acre (0.38 hectares) suitable for Hotel or Apartments Shs 450M
70 ENTEBBE 5 Square Miles Shs 7M/Acre
71 ENTEBBE ROAD-25 Kms from KYENGERA on new EBB HIGH WAY 10 Acres Shs 10M/Acre
72 ENTEBBE ROAD-Bwebaja-after Kajansi HOUSE 4 SALE=2 Bed Rms(self),tiled,  Fenced, on 100ftx100ft Shs 100M
73 ENTEBBE ROAD-KAJANSI-Kawoto 50 Acres Shs 70M/Acre
74 ENTEBBE ROAD-Katalemwa 50ftx100ft Shs 10M
75 ENTEBBE ROAD-LUBOWA Lubowa, 4Brms, garage, red I/sheets, Red Cement, S/Rm & Dng ,Near the Rd, Some 10 Rentals=2.2M/month in total, title in hand Shs 400M
76 ENTEBBE ROAD-Nakawuka 5 Acres, 10 Acres & 11 Acres Shs 25M/Acre
77 ENTEBBE ROAD-Nakawuka, Kasanje & Bubembele 50ftx100ft Shs 10M
78 ENTEBBE ROAD-Nalubudde Near St.Mary's Kitende 50ftx100ft Shs 20M
79 ENTEBBE ROAD-Wamala Zilu-100 Metres off New Ebb-Rd 50ftx100ft Shs 30M
80 ENTEBBE-Garuga Road 70 Decimals Shs 60M
81 ENTEBBE-Katale 20 Decimals Shs 60M
82 ENTEBBE-Near Nkumba University 6 Acres Shs 900M altogether
83 GAYAZA -7Miles  from GAYAZA TOWN 10 Acres Shs20M/Acre
84 GAYAZA TOWN Factory-Maize milling & Bakery on 31 Decimals Shs 150M
85 GAYAZA-KALAGI Road-Nakasajja-Ddundu 18 Acres Shs 40M/Acre
86 GAYAZA-KALAGI Road-Nakasajja-Ddundu 18 Acres suitable for farming & a school Shs 40M/Acre
87 GAYAZA-KALAGI Road-Namasumbi-kigogola-7kms off main Rd 40 Acres Shs 12M/Acre
88 GAYAZA-Near Kabanyoro 23 Acres touching main Road Shs 70M/Acre
89 GOMA-Sonde 100ftx100ft Shs 35M
90 GOMA-Sonde 100ftx100ft touching Sonde-Namugongo Road Shs 75M
91 HOIMA ROAD-14 kms from Kampala, 1/4 km off main Rd 21 Acres Shs 15M/Acre
92 HOIMA ROAD-after Kakiri 2 Acres Shs 18M@
93 HOIMA ROAD-Bugwanya 15.5 Acres (1 Km off the main road) Shs 17M/Acre
94 HOIMA ROAD-Kakiri 3 Acres Shs 45M (all together)
95 HOIMA ROAD-Kakiri<=5kms off main road Several plots of 50ftx100ft Shs 4.5M per plot
96 IGANGA 414 Acres of a FARM, 2 farm houses, shell bangalow, 2 poultry hse, etc Shs 330M altogether
97 JINJA-Lwanda-Kamuri Road-7kms from Jinja Road 1.5 Acres touching main Road Shs 25M/Acre
98 KABEMBE HOUSE for SALE on 1 Acre non self contained Shs 65M
99 KABEMBE HOUSE for SALE on 100ftx100ft, non self contained Shs 50M
100 KALAGI-GAYAZA ROAD 57ftx73ft, 1/2 km frm the main Road Shs 5M
101 KAMPALA-Buganda Road Commercial Plot USD 985,000 (2.5bn)
102 KAMPALA-Katwe 50ftx100ft (under lease gone 23 years) Shs 120M
103 KAMPALA-Katwe 9.5 Decimals on a 49 years lease, with one month  gone Shs 400M
104 KAMPALA-Kiwatule 1 Acre in a prime place sutitable for residentials /Rentals Shs 600M
105 KAMPALA-Kiwatule 30 Decimals Shs 200M
106 KAMPALA-KIWATULE 30 Decimals Shs 350M
107 KAMPALA-KIWATULE 1/2 Acre Shs 450M
108 KAMPALA-Kulambiro 40 Decimals Shs 150M
110 KAMPALA-KULAMBIRO 5 Acres Shs 500M/Acre
111 KAMPALA-KULAMBIRO after Kisasi 5 Acres sold together Shs 1.8BN
112 KAMPALA-Kulambiro-Kisasi 1 Acre Shs 550M/Acre
113 KAMPALA-KYANJA HOUSES/Apartments 4 SALE=Near Rio Ferdinand's Housing Estates Shs 1.5BN
114 KAMPALA-LUBOWA HOUSE 4 SALE=Lubowa, 4Brms, garage, red I/sheets, Red Cement, S/Rm & Dng tiled, Near the Rd, Some 10 Rentals=2.2M/month in total, title in hand, Price 380-400M, on 87 decimals, private mailo title. Shs 400M
115 KAMPALA-Munyonyo 20 Decimals Shs 150M
116 KAMPALA-Mutungo Hill 1/2 Acre Shs 700M
117 KAMPALA-Muyenga 50ftx100ft Shs 150M
118 KAMPALA-MUYENGA-Bukasa 45 Decimals Shs 450M
119 KAMPALA-NAJERA 3 Acres Shs 400M altogether
120 KAMPALA-Najera HOUSE 4 SALE=3 B/Rs, self contained, tiled, tegula, fenced, near tarmac Rd Shs 420M
121 KAMPALA-Najera 1 Acre Shs 400M
122 KAMPALA-NAJERA 1 Acre, Fenced Shs 600M
123 KAMPALA-NAJERA-Bulabira Zone HOUSE 4 SALE=2 in one self contained, Fenced, current rent rate is Shs 800,000 Per Month Shs 350M
124 KAMPALA-Najera-Buwaate 70 Decimals Shs 250M
125 KAMPALA-Nsambya HOUSE 4 SALE=Self Contained and fenced USD 350.000
126 KAMPALA-NTINDA 100ftx100ft Shs 250M-350M
127 KAMPALA-NTINDA 1 Acre Shs 700M
129 KAMPALA-NTINDA-Kalinabiri 50ftx100ft Shs 120M
130 KAMPALA-Suburb Petro Station for Selling USD 2.5M
131 KAPEEKA-32 kms from Kampala (28kms+4Kms) 200 Acres Shs 3M/Acre
132 KATOSI 50 Acres Shs 10M/Acre
133 KATOSI ROAD-Kyetume 100ftx100ft Shs 25M
134 KATOSI ROAD-Nakisunga 3 Acres Shs 60M (total sum)
135 KATOSI ROAD-Nakisunga-3 kms off Katosi Road 100 Acres Shs 4M/Acre
136 KAVULE Near Bugema University 50ftx100ft Shs 7M
137 KAWEMPE-MAGANJO HOUSE 4 SALE=4 BedRooms,Self Contained Shs 200M
138 KAYUNGA 300 Acres 2 M/Acre
139 KAYUNGA 200 Acres 2 M/Acre
140 KAYUNGA ROAD-5km from Mukono Town 50ftx100ft Shs 10M
141 KAYUNGA ROAD-5km from Mukono Town 50ftx100ft Shs 7M
142 KAYUNGA ROAD-Kabembe 1/2 Acre touching the main road, suitable for a petro station as well Shs 100M
143 KAYUNGA ROAD-Kabembe 1/2 an acre (50 decimals) touching main road Shs 100M
144 KAYUNGA ROAD-Kabembe 20 Acres suitable for estate development, sqautter free Shs 35M/Acre
145 KAYUNGA ROAD-Kabimbiri-2kms off main Rd 60 Acres Shs 4M/Acre
146 KAYUNGA ROAD-Kasawo-5kms off the main Rd 107 Acres, 40 Acres & 30 Acres Shs 4-5M/Acre
147 KAYUNGA ROAD-Kasozi, 20 Acres, 4 Kms off Kayunga Road, near Murram Road Shs 14/Acre
148 KAYUNGA ROAD-Kisowera 2 Acres, 1km off main Road, double roomed house Shs 55M altogether
149 KAYUNGA ROAD-Kisowera trading centre 50ftx100ft Shs 12M
150 KAYUNGA ROAD-Kiyunga 35 plots of 50ftx100ft Shs 7M/plot
151 KAYUNGA ROAD-Kiyunga after vision 4 Africa inside 7.5 Acres Shs 15M/Acre
152 KAYUNGA ROAD-Kiyunga near vision 4 Africa 10 Acres Shs 12M/Acre
153 KAYUNGA ROAD-Kiyunga-1 km from the main road 2 Acres Shs 20M/Acre
154 KAYUNGA ROAD-Kiyunga-3km off Main Road 3 Acres Shs 18M/Acre
155 KAYUNGA ROAD-Kiyunga-4km off Main Road 12.5 Acres, 17 Acres with water source Shs 14M/Acre
156 KAYUNGA ROAD-Mpoma 30 Acres, 4 Kms off Kayunga Road, near Murram Road Shs 25M/Acre
157 KAYUNGA ROAD-Mpoma 20 Acres Shs 20M/Acre
158 KAYUNGA ROAD-Mpoma-3 km off main Rd 4 Acres Shs 20M/Acre
159 KAYUNGA ROAD-Mpooma-1.5 kms off main Rd 20 Acres Shs 20M/Acre
160 KAYUNGA ROAD-Naalya-0.5 kms from the main Road 1 Acre Shs 40M
161 KAYUNGA ROAD-Nabiyagi via Kabembe or Kiyunga 30 Acres, 4 Kms off Kayunga Road, near Murram Road Shs 17M/Acre
162 KAYUNGA ROAD-Nabiyagi via Kabembe or Kiyunga 14 Acres suitable for farming, 5 kms off Kayunga Main High way Shs 15M/Acre
163 KAYUNGA ROAD-Nakifuma 100 Acres Shs 20M/Acre
164 KAYUNGA ROAD-Nakifuma-16kms off Kayunga Road 363 Acres Shs 2.5M/Acre
165 KAYUNGA ROAD-Nakifuma-6km from off main Road 120 Acres Shs 15M/Acre
166 KAYUNGA ROAD-Nakifuma-Kakinzi 20 Acres Shs 15M/Acre
167 KAYUNGA ROAD-Nama HOUSE (Shell at Wall Plate) on 0.5 Acres Shs 20M
168 KAYUNGA ROAD-Nama 7 Acres Shs 25M/Acre
169 KAYUNGA ROAD-Namanyonyi 100 Acres Shs 8M/Acre
170 KAYUNGA ROAD-Near Satellite-50Metres off M/Rd 2 Acres Shs 50M/Acre
171 KAYUNGA-Baale (Near lake Kyoga) 40mls from Kayunga Town 2.5 Square Miles (1,600 Acres) Shs 2.5M/Acre
172 KAZINGA 5 Acres-0.5kms off Jinja Highway Shs 350M/Acre
173 KIBOGA 1 square mile(640 Acres) Shs 1.5M/Acre
174 KIBOGA 2 Square Miles Shs 3M/Acre
175 KIBOGA-1 km from Bukomero Town, 53 kms from kla HOUSE=4 B/Rms, 2 boyz qrtrs, on 50ftx100ft, private mailo land, Shs 4M
176 KIBOGA-Katabworo 494 Acres squatter free Shs 120M altogether
177 KIRA 1 Acre Shs 50M
178 KIRA 1 Acre in a prime place sutitable for residentials /Rentals Shs 350M
179 KIRA/BULINDO-100 Metres from the Main Road 50ftx100ft Shs 15M
180 KIRA/SONDE 50ftx100ft Shs 16M
181 KIRA/SONDE 100ftx100ft Shs 32M
182 KIRA-10 minutes drive from Kira Town Council HOUSE 4 RENT=2 Bedrms,self contained. Shs 450.000/month
183 KIRA-10 minutes drive from Kira Town Council HOUSE 4 RENT=2 Bedrms, with a master bedroom self contained Shs 500.000/month
184 KIRA-BULINDO 50ftx100ft Shs 24M
185 KIRA-KASANGATI ROAD 0.5 Acres touching the Road Shs 100M
186 KIREKA 100ftx200ft Shs 220M
187 KIRINYA HOUSES 4 RENT=Flat-4 Houses>2-3 Bed Rooms, self contained Shs 0.8M-1.2M/Month
188 KIWANGA 3 plots of 100ftx100ft Shs 35M-45M
189 KIWANGA 60ftx120ft Shs 40M
190 KIWANGA 1 Acre Shs 120M
191 KIWANGA 1 Acre Shs 150M
192 KIWANGA-Behind Coca-Cola 50ftx100ft Shs 35M
193 KIWANGA-near AKRIGHT Estates 50ftx100ft Shs 27M
194 KIWANGA-Near Jomayi Stones 10 decimals Shs 35M
195 KIYUNGA 3.5-4.5kms off Bugerere Road Shs 13M/Acre
196 KIYUNGA 3 Acres-4kms off main Road Shs 18M/Acre
197 KOLE DISTRICT (Neighbour to LIRA District) PINE TREES of 7 Years on Sale for poles purposes (4 Acres) Shs 90,000 per tree
198 LAKE VICTORIA-KOOME ISLANDS 2 square Miles, squatter free, forest, mailo land Shs 2M/Acre
199 LUGAZA-along Buikwe Road-2kms from Lugazi town 8 Acres Shs 25M/Acre
200 LUGAZI 50 Acres Shs 4.5M/Acre
201 LUGAZI 5 Acres, less than a KM from the Main Road Shs 8M/Acre
202 LUGAZI 26 Acres touching Jinja Main High way Shs 2M/Acre
203 LUGAZI-5 kms from Lugazi Town 80 Acres Shs 2.5M/Acre
204 LUGAZI-along Buikwe Road-2kms from Lugazi Town 50 Acres all dry, on a raised land (good view of Lugazi town) Shs 20M/Acre
205 LUWERO 2 Square Miles Shs 2M/Acre
206 LUWERO 3 Square Miles negotiable
207 LUWERO-12 km from Kasana Town 320 Acres  out of 300 Acres are on sale, farm land, river Shs 2.5M/Acre
208 LUWERO-Busiika-Namawojja Village 8 Acres Shs 6M/Acre
209 LUWERO-butalangu-b4 Busana-60km from kampala 350 Acres Shs 1.5M/Acre
210 LUWERO-KIKYUSA 5 Square Miles Shs 1.5M/Acre
211 LUWERO-KIKYUSA after ZIROBWE 450 Acres, 480 Acres, 1 Square Mile Shs 1.5M/Acre
212 LUWERO-Kiwoko 3 Square Miles, 6 Square Mile, water source Shs 800.000/Acre
213 LUWERO-Mawale-2km from Matuga 304 Acres Shs 3M/Acre
214 MASAKA ROAD-40km(mitala maria), 10km off 92 Acres, suitable for farming, titled Shs 2M/Acre
215 MASAKA ROAD-Kyazanga 215 Acres, divided by the Main Road, Private Mailo Land, squatter free Shs 3.5M/Acre
216 MASAKA-Bukomansimbi TC 6 Acres touching the main road Shs 12M/Acre
217 MASAKA-Kyanja Estate 1.53 Acres developed with residential house, boys qrters Shs 100M
218 MASINDI 4.5 Square Miles Shs 3.5M/Acre
219 MATUGA 320 Acres (Selling 50 Acres or More) Shs 15M/Acre
220 MATUGA 2.955 Acres of Granite Rock Shs 2bn
221 MATUGA-kiryamwibi 22.51 Acres of granite rock Shs 3bn
222 MATUGA-zirobwe Road 1 Acre Shs 35M
223 MATUGA-zirobwe Road 7 Plots of 50ftx100ft Shs 15M/plot
224 MBALALA 8 Acres Shs 120M/Acre
225 MBALALA-Road to Nakapinyi 50ftx100ft Shs 7M
226 MBALE DISTRICT 587 Acres suitable for settlement and farming including Rice Growing (200 Acres) Shs 12M/Acre
227 MBARARA-Kashari-Rubaya (15 kms from Mb'ra Town) 200 Acres Shs 3M/Acre
228 MITYANA 7 Square Miles negotiable
229 MITYANA ROAD-BUJUKO 2.5 miles off main road (17 Kms frm Kla) 30 Acres Shs 12M/Acre
230 MITYANA ROAD-Buloba HOUSE 4 SALE=4 BedRooms, seated on 0.5 Acres Shs 230M
231 MITYANA ROAD-Buloba HOUSE 4 SALE=2 Bed Rms(1 self), Tiled, Tank water with 6 shell units (Double Rms),on 20 decimals Shs 160M
232 MITYANA ROAD-Buloba (about 15km 4rom kla) 1/2 Acre Shs 80M
233 MITYANA ROAD-Buloba-1/2 km from main road, near town 1 Acre suitable for both residentials & rentals Shs 150M
234 MITYANA ROAD-Bwanga (15 Miles from Kampala) >100 Acres Shs 25M/Acre
235 MITYANA ROAD-Kiwawu-15km from Kampala, 6 km off main Rd FARM =51 Acres, with banana plantation, poultry farm, Farm House, Padocks, etc Shs 1.2bn
236 MITYANA-Bujuuko 120 Acres Shs 7M/Acre
237 MUBENDE 468 Acres (440 Acres PINE, 8 Years ) Shs 7/Acre
238 MUBENDE 2.5 Square Miles Shs 2.8M/Acre
239 MUBENDE 480 Acres Shs 3M/Acre
240 MUKONO 20ft Container Shs 5M
241 MUKONO 35 Acres of Farm Shs 25M/Acre
242 MUKONO 1/2 an Acre touching main Jinja High Way Shs 180M
243 MUKONO & KAYUNGA Secondary Schools (Operational & Non Operational) for Sale up to Shs 4 BN
244 MUKONO Near Festino 5 Plots of 50ftx100ft. Instalment pay'ts are allowed Shs 24M/Acre
245 MUKONO TOWN 50ftx120ft commercial plot touching the main Road (LEASE) Shs 300M
247 MUKONO-Bibbo-5km from Lugazi 5 Acres Shs 6.5M/Acre
248 MUKONO-Budugala after Nyenje 35 Acres suitable for farming Shs 25M/Acre
249 MUKONO-Buguju COMMERCIAL BUILDING suitable for Hostel, Guest House, Hospital or School Shs 10M/Month
250 MUKONO-Buguju 2 plots of 50ftx100ft sold together Shs 120M (total sum)
251 MUKONO-BUGUJU/KIROWOZA Border 16.5 Decimals Shs 18M
252 MUKONO-Katosi -Kasaala before Kisoga 5 Acres, squatter free, less than 1 Km off Katosi Road Shs 17M/Acre
253 MUKONO-Katosi Road-Bumbaja-11 km from Jinja Rd 6 Acres suitable for cultivation, has water source & banana plantation Shs 13M/Acre
254 MUKONO-KATOSI ROAD-Namaiba 2 Acres near the Road Shs 26M in total
255 MUKONO-Kayanja 10 Acres Shs 6M/Acre
256 MUKONO-Kayanja-1km off main road 6 Acres, Shs 10M/Acre
257 MUKONO-Kayanja-2kms off main Jinja High Way 16 Acres Shs 25M/Acre
258 MUKONO-Kayanja-2kms off main Jinja High Way 5 Acres, 5 Acres Shs 15M/Acre
259 MUKONO-Kayanja-3 km off main Jinja Rd 3 Acres Shs 6M/Acre
260 MUKONO-Kayanja-3 km off main Jinja Rd 2 Acres and above Shs 10M/Acre
261 MUKONO-Kayanja-4kms off main Jinja High Way 20 Acres Shs 13M/Acre
262 MUKONO-Kayanja-5km off Jinja Road 20 Acres Shs 8M/Acre
263 MUKONO-KIGOMBYA 2.061 Acres Shs 89M
264 MUKONO-Kigombya 1/2 an acre (50 decimals) touching main road Shs 50M
265 MUKONO-Kisoga 290 Acres of Tea Estate on Sale Shs 15M/Acre
266 MUKONO-Kisowera near Henry's-high way Secondary School (O and A Level) on Sale, on 4 Acres, not operational Shs 600M (TOTAL SUM) negotiable
267 MUKONO-Kiwugo-3.5 km from Mbalala Jinja Road 2 Acres Shs 15M/Acre
268 MUKONO-Kyetume 5 Acres Shs 50M/Acre
269 MUKONO-Kyetume, 2kms off Katosi/kyetume Road 10 Acres Shs 25M/Acre
270 MUKONO-less than 1 Km from Namawojjolo Town 50ftx100ft near town Shs 8M
271 MUKONO-Maziba btn Kisoga and Ntenjeru 200 Acres Shs 5M/Acre
272 MUKONO-Mbalala 2 Acres sold together 0.5 kms from the main Jinja Highway Shs 500M
273 MUKONO-Mbalala 6 Acres 100M off Jinja High Way Shs 80M/Acre
274 MUKONO-Mbalala 6 Acres 100M off Jinja High Way Shs 80M/Acre
275 MUKONO-Mbalala 2.5 Acres Shs 150M/Acre
276 MUKONO-Mbalala 260 Acres Shs 200M/Acre
277 MUKONO-Mbalala 10 Acres Shs 100M/Acre
278 MUKONO-Mbalala 8 Acres Shs 150M/Acre
279 MUKONO-Mbalala 16 Acres Shs 150M/Acre
280 MUKONO-Mbalala-1km off Jinja High way 4 Acres all dry, power, Shs 70M/Acre
281 MUKONO-Mukikooza 100ftx100ft Shs 35M
282 MUKONO-Nabuti 2.35 Acres Shs 70M in Total
283 MUKONO-Nabuti Plots of 50ftx100ft Shs 25M per plot
284 MUKONO-Nabuti 50ftx100ft Shs 17M
285 MUKONO-Nabuti 100ftx100ft suitable for Rentals Shs 30M
286 MUKONO-Nagoje 13 kms from Namataba 45 Acres touching river Sezibwa Shs 8M/Acre
287 MUKONO-Nagoje-14 kms from Namataba 500 Acres Shs 5M/Acre
288 MUKONO-Nagoje-14 kms from Namataba(Main Jinja Road) 21 Acres of Rock Stones suitable for a quary Shs 50 M/Acre
289 MUKONO-Nagoje-6km off Jinja Main Rd 5 Acres Shs 5M/Acre
290 MUKONO-Nakabago 100ftx100f with 6 shops of 3 rooms, poultry structure and touching main Kayunga Road Shs 200M
291 MUKONO-Nakabago 2 Acres Shs 100M/Acre
292 MUKONO-Nakabago 75ftx115ft FIVE metres off main Kayunga Road Shs 20M
293 MUKONO-Nakabago 100ftx100ft suitable for Rentals Shs 33M
294 MUKONO-Nakabago 100ftx100ft suitable for Rentals Shs 30M
295 MUKONO-Nakabago 1 Acre Shs 200M
296 MUKONO-Nakabago-Nambaga 100ftx100ft Shs 35M
297 MUKONO-Nakisunga (Katosi road) 100 Acres Shs 20M/Acre
298 MUKONO-Nakosi 7 Acres Shs 10M/Acre
299 MUKONO-Namaiba 80 Acres Shs 20M/Acre
300 MUKONO-Namataba along Jinja Road 3 Acres touching Jinja High Way Shs 70M/Acre
301 MUKONO-Namataba along Jinja Road 10 Acres 300 Metres from Namawojjolo Shs 70M/Acre
302 MUKONO-Namataba along Jinja Road 22 Acres 2kms off Jinja High Way Shs 12M/Acre
303 MUKONO-Namataba along Jinja Road-2kms off main Road 3 Acres & 2 Acres Shs 15M/Acre
304 MUKONO-Namataba-2 miles off Jinja Highway 1 Acre Shs 7M
305 MUKONO-Namataba-7 kms from the Namataba 300 Acres Shs 10M/Acre
306 MUKONO-Namataba-Kanyogoga-5km off Jinja High Way 20 Acres touching river sezibwa, power, gd for farming Shs 15M/Acre
307 MUKONO-Namawojolo 10 Acres Shs 60M/Acre
308 MUKONO-Namubiru 50ftx100ft  2km off Bugerere Road Shs 15M/Acre
309 MUKONO-Namubiru 50ftx100ft  2km off Bugerere Road Shs 17M
310 MUKONO-Nasuti 50ftx60ft Shs 5M
311 MUKONO-Near Festino 100ftx100ft Shs 35M
312 MUKONO-Near Green Hill 1 Acre Shs 34M
313 MUKONO-Near Jomayi Estates via Forest Hill School 200ftx200ft Shs 20M
314 MUKONO-Near Mbalala 100ftx100ft suitable for Rentals Shs 30M
315 MUKONO-Near UCU 65ftx140ft Shs 120M
316 MUKONO-near UCU 1 Acre suitable for Hostel business Shs 240M
317 MUKONO-Near UCU-buguju 100ftx100ft suitable for apartments & hostels Shs 75M negotiable
318 MUKONO-Ngandu 1 Acre touching main Road Shs 200M
319 MUKONO-Ntawo 100ftx100ft Shs 20M
320 MUKONO-Ntawo 50ftx100ft (2 plots) Shs 11M@
321 MUKONO-Seeta Biafra 10 Acres suitable for farming Shs 5M/Acre
322 NABBINGO 2 Acres, suitable for a housing estate, school, hotel, etc Shs 100M/Acre
323 NABINGO-1km off main Road 6 Acres Shs 80M/Acre
324 NAKAGERE along the Road 2 Acres Shs 27M/Acre
325 NAKASEKE 1 square mile(640 Acres) Shs 0.8M/Acre
326 NAKASEKE 2 square Miles Shs 0.8M/Acre
327 NAKASEKE 4 Square Miles Touching Lake KYOGA ???
328 NAKASEKE 2.5 Square Miles Shs 1.2M/Acre
329 NAKASEKE 8.5 Sqaure Miles Shs 8.5M/Acre
330 NAKASONGOLA 5 & 8 Square miles Shs 3M/Acre
331 NAKASONGOLA-LAKE KYOGA Several Square miles touching the lake negotiable
332 NAKAWA and BANDA Ware Houses to Let negotiable
333 NAMANVE 9 Acres Shs 400M/Acre
334 NAMANVE 4 Acres (can be sold piecemeal Shs 350M
335 NAMANVE 9 Acres Shs 300M/Acre
336 NAMANVE WARE HOUSES 4 RENTING (10 of them=nine 450sq.mtrs, one 560sq.mtrs) USD9/sq.m/month
337 NAMANVE-Near Cocacola 3 Acres Shs 300M/Acre
338 NAMANVE-Near roofings 10 Acres Shs 200M/Acre
339 NAMILYANGO-Njerere-3 Kms from Seeta 50ftx100ft Shs 16M
341 NAMUGONGO 100ftx100ft Shs 85M
342 NAMUGONGO 80ftx100ft Shs 80M
343 NAMUGONGO 50ftx100ft Shs 40M
344 NAMUGONGO SCHOOL (non operational) Structures seated on 2 Acres Shs 800M
345 NAMUGONGO ROAD-Mbalwa HOUSE 4 SALE=3 Bedrooms, Self Contained, Fenced Shs 65M
346 NAMUGONGO-3kms from the Namugongo Shrines 4 plots of 50ftx100ft in different locations Shs 25M-32M
347 NAMUGONGO-BUKERERE 50ftx100ft Shs 16M
348 NAMUGONGO-BUKERERE 100ftx100ft Shs 32M
349 NAMUGONGO-Jinja Misindye 27 Plots of 50x100 and 100x100 ft, water, power Shs 18-36M
350 NAMUGONGO-Kyaliwajara HOUSE 4 SALE=4 BedRooms, seated on 0.5 Acres Shs 200M
351 NAMUGONGO-less than a km from the main road HOUSE=3 B/Rms, S/R, D/R, self contained, fenced, boyz qrters, a small shop Shs 150M
352 NAMUGONGO-Near the Shrines 100ftx100ft Shs 50M
353 NAMUTAMBA 1 square mile(640 Acres) Shs 20M/Acre
354 NANGUNGA 450 Acres touching the lake, power, forest Shs 2.5M/Acre
355 NATETE 12 rentals on a 50ft x100ft near the main road Shs800M
356 NKOKONJERU-1km from Nkokonjeru Town 5 Acres, power, near the road, Shs 5M/Acre
357 NTENJERU-Near Katosi 100 Acres Shs 3.5M/Acre
358 OLD KAWEMPE  ROAD to KITEEZI 2 Acres Shs 500M/Acre
359 RUBAGA ROAD 2 Acres Shs 2.5BN/Acre
360 SEETA 3 Acres Shs 180M altogether
361 SEETA 3 plots of 50ftx100ft (selling atleast 2 or 3 plots at once but not one) Shs 25M/plot
362 SEETA Gwafu HOUSE for SALE=4 BRs, S/R, Dinning, not Fenced, lacking plaster Shs 150M
363 SEETA Indusrial Area 5 Acres 1.3Billions
364 SEETA TOWN HOUSE 4 SALE=3 Bed Rms, Sng & Dng Rm, Self Contained, not fenced,tiled Shs 45M
365 SEETA TOWN 10 decimals Shs 25M
366 SEETA TOWN 60ftx140ft Shs 600M
367 SEETA TOWN HOUSE=4 B/Rms self contained & fenced, Boyz qrter Shs 350M
368 SEETA TOWN HOUSE to LET=2 B/Rs, S/RM, Kitchen, power, Fenced, External Toilet Shs 200.000/month
369 SEETA TOWN HOTEL seated on 0.5 Acres. 48 Rms, 3 Big Halls, office, reception, toilets, fence and gardens Shs 500M
370 SEETA TOWN HOUSEs for Sale=four 2 Bed roomed-self contained Hse+store, one fence Shs 120M
371 SEETA TOWN 0.5 Acres Shs 85M
372 SEETA TOWN 70FTx180FTx80FTx180FT with a residential home & Shops touching the main Jinja Road (20.5 decimals) Shs 250M
373 SEETA TOWN 1 Acre Shs 350M
374 SEETA Town, 100 Metres off Jinja Highway 1 Acre Shs 200M
375 SEETA TOWN-Gongobe Zone HOUSE 4 SALE=3 Bed Roomed, Self Contained, Fenced House Seated on 50ftx100ft plot Shs 170M
376 SEETA-1 Km from Seeta Town 1 Acre Shs 320M
377 SEETA-1.5 Acres off Bukerere Road 1 Acre Shs 50M/Acre
378 SEETA-100Metres off Bukerere Rd 100ftx100ft,suitable for rentals and or residential, near bukerere rd Shs 70M
379 SEETA-2 kms from Seeta Town 1 Acre Shs 75M
380 SEETA-3kms from Seeta Town 2 plots of 50ftx100ft Shs 22M per plot
381 SEETA-Baggala Zone RENTALS on SALE=3 semi-detached units=2 Bed Rms, S/RM, Kitchen, bath RM, seated on 45ftx130ft, touching Bukerere Road, 1/2 km from Seeta Town. Shs 250M
382 SEETA-Baggala Zone HOUSES 4 RENT= 3 semi detached units@with 2 Bed Rms, Kicthen, bath Rm, self cont. Shs 300,000/Month
383 SEETA-Bajjo HOUSE 4 SLAE=3 BRs, SR, DR, self contained, Boyz qrters, Fenced, seated on 50ftx100ft plot Shs 180M
384 SEETA-Bajjo 100ftx100ft Shs 25M
385 SEETA-Bajjo HOUSE 4 SALE=3 Bed Rooms, not Fenced, Self Contained, New, on 100ftx100ft Shs 200M
386 SEETA-Bajjo 2 plots of 50ftx100ft Shs 15M-20M@
387 SEETA-Bajjo Several plots of 50ftx100ft Shs 15M per plot
388 SEETA-Bajjo 2 Plots of 100ftx100ft Shs 40M per plot
389 SEETA-Bajjo 1.5 Acres Shs 170M
390 SEETA-Bajjo 1 Acre Shs 100M
391 SEETA-Bajjo 50ftx100ft Shs 18M
392 SEETA-Bajjo 50ftx100ft Shs 20M
393 SEETA-Bajjo 100ftx100ft Shs 40M
394 SEETA-Bajjo 100ftx100ft Shs 25M
395 SEETA-Bajjo 100ftx100ft Shs 35M
396 SEETA-Bajjo HOUSE FOR SALE=2 BedRms,self contained, 50ftx65ft, fenced Shs 45M
397 SEETA-BAJJO HOUSE 4 SALE=3 BedRms, self cont, boyz qrts, green iron sheets, on 50ftx100ft Shs 120M
398 SEETA-Bajjo 2 plots adding up to 43 decimals being sold together Shs 65M (total sum)
399 SEETA-Bajjo 50ftx100ft Shs 20M
400 SEETA-Bajjo 50ftx100ft Shs 15M
401 SEETA-Bajjo HOUSE ON SALE=Semi Detached (2 in one),1 Bed Rm & Sitting Rm, not fenced, not self contained but has piped water in the compound, seated on a 50ftx100ft plot, white Iron Sheets. Shs 45M
402 SEETA-Bugoba Zone 50ftx100ft Shs 18M/Acre
403 SEETA-Bugoba Zone 100ftx100ft Shs 40M
404 SEETA-Bugoba Zone SHELL HOUSE on 60ftx100ft Shs 50M
405 SEETA-Bugoba Zone 30ftx100ft with SHELL HOUSE of 3 BRms Shs 22M
406 SEETA-Bugoba Zone 30ftx40ft with a HOUSE of Ordinary Iron Sheets, not fenced Shs 35M
407 SEETA-Bugoba Zone 50ftx100ft with 3 Shell Houses Roofed with Ordinary Iron Sheets @ with 2 BRms, SR, DR & Kitchen & Store, Toilet Shs 80M
408 SEETA-Bugoba Zone HOUSES 4 RENT=3 units fenced, 2 BRms, SR, DRM, self contained Shs 300,000/Month
409 SEETA-Bugoba Zone 50ftx100ft Shs 25M
410 SEETA-Bugoba Zone 50ftx100ft and some decimals touching Bukerere Rd, suitable 4 commercial business Shs 120M
411 SEETA-Bugoba Zone 50ftx100ft Shs30M
412 SEETA-Bugoba Zone HOUSE 4 SALE Shs 40M
413 SEETA-Bugoba Zone-30 metres off Bukerere Rd 70ftx160ftx40ftx160ft Shs 45M
414 SEETA-Bukerere Road-Namyoya, 3 Kms From SEETA HOUSE 4 SALE=4 BRs, Self Contained Shs 100M
415 SEETA-Bukerere-Kyesereka 4 Acres Shs 20M/Acre
416 SEETA-Gongobe Road HOUSE 4 RENT=2 B/Rs, S/Rm, Kitchen, Toilet & Bath Rm Shs 350,000/Month
417 SEETA-Gongobe Zone House for Sale, 4 Bedroomed, planned to be self contained, garage, Sitting Room, Shs140M
418 SEETA-Gongobe Zone SHELL HOUSE(at Ring Beam) on 50ftx65ft, 2Bed Rms, Kitchen, Birth Rm, Garag Shs 20M
419 SEETA-Gongobe Zone 100ftx100ft Shs 65M
420 SEETA-Gongobe Zone HOUSE 4 Rent=2 Brms, S/R, Kitchen, Bath Rm, Fenced, Self Contained <=shs 350,000/Month
421 SEETA-Gongobe Zone (Near St. Augustine) 40ftx100ft Shs 25 M
422 SEETA-Gulama 50ftx100ft Shs 17M
423 SEETA-Gwafu 100ftx100ft Shs 70M
424 SEETA-Gwafu 100ftx150ft Shs 75M
425 SEETA-Gwafu Two 1/2 Acres Shs 90M@
426 SEETA-Gwafu 1 Acre and 36 decimals Shs 200M
427 SEETA-Gwafu HOUSE (Commercial)=Shop, Store & Shade , self contained, touching Murrum Road, seated on 50ftx50ft Shs 50M
428 SEETA-Joggo 100ftx100ft Shs 30M
429 SEETA-Joggo HOUSE (Executive) on 100ftx100ft Shs 150M
430 SEETA-Joggo along Bukerere Road 100ftx100ft Shs 30M
431 SEETA-Joggo trading centre 100ftx100ft Shs 30M
432 SEETA-Joggo-2.5 km off Bukerere Road 3 Acres suitable for an estate Shs 60M/Acre
433 SEETA-Joggo-2.5 kms off Bukerere Road 3 Acres Shs 65M/Acre
434 SEETA-Kigunga 35 Decimals commercial plot touching the main Road Shs 130M
435 SEETA-Kigunga 50ftx100ft commercial plot touching main road Shs 120M
436 SEETA-Kigunga 100ftx100ft commercial plot touching main road Shs 250M
437 SEETA-Kigunga 1/2 Acre Shs 300M
438 SEETA-Kigunga 3 HOUSES to Let=2 Bed Rooms, with Master Bed Room Self Contained, Fenced Shs 250,000/month
439 SEETA-Kigunga 50ftx100ft Shs 32M
440 SEETA-Kigunga 100ftx120ft Shs 70M
441 SEETA-Kigunga 60ftx100ft Shs 40M
442 SEETA-Kigunga 6 Acres Shs 150M/Acre
443 SEETA-Kigunga Commercial plot slightly less than  50ftx100ft, touching main Jinja Road Shs 90M
444 SEETA-Kigunga Commercial plot slightly bigger than 50ftx100ft, touchning main Jinja Road Shs 240M
445 SEETA-Kigunga HOUSE 4 SALE=4 Bed Rms, Self Contained, boyz qrtrs, fenced, on 100ftx100ft Shs 120M
446 SEETA-kigunga 3 Acres Shs 450M/Acre
447 SEETA-Kigunga 50ftx100ft Shs 25M
448 SEETA-Kitale after Namilyango-5kms from Seeta Town 1 Acre with a farm Shs 80M
449 SEETA-Kiwango HOUSE (Shell) on 100ftx100ft, fenced Shs 60M
450 SEETA-Kiwugo 15 Acres for Quarrying Shs 1.8BN
451 SEETA-Kob Road 50ftx100ft with some rentals (3) Shs 65M
452 SEETA-Kob Road HOUSES (3) Seated on 60ftx100ft, 2B/Rs, S/R, Kitchen fenced. Shs 100M altogether
453 SEETA-Koob Road HOUSES 4 SALE=6 units of 1 Bed Rm, 1 Sitting Rm, Bath Rm, Store non self contained, Fenced, tap water in the compound, each unit currently fetches shs 200,000 per month in rent, seated on 50ftx100ft Shs 200M
454 SEETA-Koob Road 6 HOUSES=Bed Room & Sitting Room, Kitchen, store, self contained, Fenced,50/100ft plot Shs 230M
455 SEETA-Koob Road 50ftx100ft Shs 25M
456 SEETA-Koob Road HOUSES ON SALE=2 double roomed houses on 50ftx50ft Shs 70M
457 SEETA-Koob Road 50ftx100ft Shs 22M
458 SEETA-Lumuli 1 Acre Shs 100M
459 SEETA-Lumuli HOUSE 4 SALE on 3 plots of 50ftx100ft=4 B/Rms, Tegula, power, water,new Shs 150M
460 SEETA-Lumuli 100ftx100ft Shs 30M
461 SEETA-Lumuli 1 Acre Shs 80M
462 SEETA-Lumuli SCHOOL (Nursary + Lower Primary) seated on 32 decimals, Fenced Shs 300M
463 SEETA-Lumuli HOUSES for Rent=1 Bed Rm and a Sitting Rm, fenced, electricity & power available Shs 80,000 per month
464 SEETA-Lumuli HOUSES for Rent= Single Room, fenced, electricity & power available Shs 50,000 per month
465 SEETA-Lumuli HOUSE 4 SALE=on 50ftx100ft, 2 Bed Rms, ordinary iron sheets Shs 80M
466 SEETA-Lumuli HOUSE=on 50ftx100ft, 3 Bed Rms, Fenced Shs 150M
467 SEETA-Lumuli 2 Acres with 1 Acre=Eucraptus tree , 1 Acre open land Shs 200M altogether
468 SEETA-Lumuli 60ftx75ftx100ftx100ft Shs 22M
469 SEETA-Lumuli HOUSE 4 SALE=3Bed Rms, S/Rm, D/Rm, Self, Red Iron Shts, not fenced, 50/100ft Shs 85M
470 SEETA-Lumuli 2 Acres divisible into 50ftx100ft plots Shs 22M/plot
471 SEETA-Lumuli 2.5 Acres divisible into 50ftx100ft and 100ftx100ft Shs 20M-45M/plot
472 SEETA-Lumuli HOUSE 4 SALE=3 BRMs all self contained, tiled, Fenced, Boyz Qrters, 100ftx100ft Shs 160M
473 SEETA-Lumuli short distance off Bukerere Road 70ftx100ft Shs 28M
474 SEETA-Lumuli-Near East College HOUSE 4 SALE=2 B/Rs, S/R, non self contained, Ordinary Iron sheets, on 9 decimals, not fenced. Shs 45M
475 SEETA-Misindye 50fx100ft Shs15-18M
476 SEETA-Misindye 2 Acres Shs 50M/Acre
477 SEETA-Nabuta 100ftx100ft Shs 50M negotiable
478 SEETA-Nabuta 100ftx100ft Shs 45M
479 SEETA-Nabuta 50ftx100ft Shs 26M
480 SEETA-Nabuta 1 Acre suitable for rentals (subdivided into plots-with titles), can be sold as a whole or plots Shs 160M
481 SEETA-Nabuta 1/2 Acre with loom for expansion, startegically located Shs 100M
482 SEETA-Nabuta 0.5 Acres Shs 200M
483 SEETA-Nabuta 40ftx110ft Shs 25M
484 SEETA-Nabuta 40ftx110ft Shs 25M
485 SEETA-Nabuta HOUSE=3 Brms, Dinning, Sitting Rm, self Contained, one side fenced, on 60ftx80ft plot Shs 55M
486 SEETA-Nabuta Zone 2 plots of 70ftx100ft@ Shs 16M@
487 SEETA-Nabuta Zone 35 Decimals (almost 3 plots of 50ftx100ft) Shs 120M
488 SEETA-Nabuta Zone 2 plots of 50ftx100ft Shs 25M-30M
489 SEETA-Nagoje 1 square mile(640 Acres) Shs 1.5bn altogether
490 SEETA-Namanve Indusrial Area 4 Acres with less than 1 acre as wet land. Shs 250M/Acre
491 SEETA-Namanve Indusrial Area 5 Acres Shs 200M/Acre
492 SEETA-Namilyango Road 80ftx100ft Shs 40M
493 SEETA-Namilyango Road 50ftx100ft Shs 25M
494 SEETA-Namilyango Road HOUSE 4 SALE=3 Bed Rooms, Fenced, Self Contained on 100ftx100ft, boyz qrters Shs 200M
495 SEETA-Namilyango Road 1 Acre which can be sub divided into plots of 20M@ Shs 160M
496 SEETA-Namilyango Road-1.5 kms from Seeta town 100ftx120ft touching Namilyango Road Shs 60M
497 SEETA-Namilyango Road-1km from Seeta town, 100m off Nam.Rd 18 Decimals Shs 40M
498 SEETA-Namilyango Road-2.5 kms from Seeta Town COMMERCIAL BUILDING/HOUSE=4 shops with boys qrters on 50ftx100ft Shs 80M negotiable
499 SEETA-Namilyango Road-less than a km from Seeta Town 100ftx100ft Shs35M
500 SEETA-Namyoya 2 Plots of 100ftx100ft Shs 40M@
501 SEETA-Namyoya-Bukerere Road 50ftx100ft Shs 15M
502 SEETA-Near Seeta Forest Inn 50ftx100ft Shs 20M
503 SEETA-Near Seeta Town-along Bukerere Rd HOUSE FOR RENTING=3 Bed Rms, S/Rm, D/Rm, Kitchen, Self cont. and fenced. Shs 600.000/month
504 SEETA-Near town 20 Acres Shs 70M/Acre
505 SEETA-Njerere HOUSE=2 BRs, Sitting Rm, Dinning Rm, Self Contained, Fenced, on 50ftx100ft plot Shs 35M
506 SEETA-Njerere 4 plots of 100ftx100ft Shs 30M@
507 SEETA-Ntinda Zone 2 plots of 50ftx100ft Shs 45M@
508 SEETA-Ntinda Zone HOUSE 4 SALE=2 Bed Rms, Boyz Qrters, Power, non self contained, tap Water Shs 40M
509 SEETA-Sonde 50ftx100ft Shs 20M
510 SEETA-Sonde Town 50ftx100ft Shs 30M
511 SEETA-Sonde Town 100ftx100ft Shs 60M
512 SONDE HOUSE=3 Bed Roomed SHELL HOUSE at wall plate on a 100ftx50ft plot Shs 30M
513 SONDE-Near Namugongo Plot 35ftx150ftx50ftx150ft Shs 20M/Acre
514 SONDE-Near Namugongo 100ftx100ft, power & Water Available Shs 30-35M
515 VARIOUS LOCATIONS Square Miles touching various lakes Various Prices
516 WAKISO-16 kms from Kampala along HOIMA Road 20 Acres of Farm Land, 200 Metres from the main Hoima Road, with water source & power Shs 30M/Acre
517 WAKISO-2km frm Wakiso Town 2 HOUSES (Rentals) 4 SALE=Both Seated on 100ftx100ft Shs 350M
518 WAKISO-Nansana-600Metres from the main Road near town 50ftx100ft Shs 25M
519 WOBULENZI-Kikyusa 3 Square Miles Shs 2M/Acre
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