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How trustworthy is Fountain Real Properties (u) ltd different from others?

We live up to what we are as professionals and we serve many clients of all walks of life ranging from Government to private and none has gone dissappointed,for both Properties For Sell In Uganda and Properties For Rent In Uganda.

What is the size of an acre?
An acre is equivalent to 4050 m 2. This is the most commonly used unit in measuring and quantifying land.

What is a decimal?
A decimal is 0.01or 1% of an acre. Therefore a plot of 50 decimals is equivalent to half of an acre.

What is a hectare?
A hectare is equivalent to one acre and 47 decimals i.e. 1.47.

What size is 100ft x 100ft?
100ft x 100ft is equal to 23 decimals. That is to say 0.23acres which is equivalent to 0.093 hectares.

Do you do architectural planning, and build houses for clients?
Fountain Real Properties (u) ltd have a full capacity to work on all technical planning and construction. We have highly skilled labour and machines to plan, develop and fully build any kind of house for you.

Do you restrict housing designs?
We do not restrict our clients to any housing design. Our estates are open to any type of development. So, we do not restrict design or type of material used.

Do you have any new sites?
No, at the moment we have no major sites. You are welcome to our offices for more updates


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About us

Fountain Real  Properties Ltd is a property management and construction Company.Our services ....

This is the "Services" page, The page is new and is still under construction but it will have all co ....
Architectural designs

Contact us

This is the "Contact us" page, The page is new and is still under construction but it will have all ....
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Plot 722 block 214 Bukoto.

Namuli Road, Kampala (U).

Tel: +256 752 529 633.

Tel: +256 703 108 240.




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